About | Madison Messerli, LCSW


Therapy should be about YOU – not me.

Welcome! One of the most frequent complaints I hear about therapy from highly functioning and successful individuals is that their therapist either talks too much about themselves or that they don’t gain enough practical tools – only emotional validation.

Therapy requires a significant investment of time and money; it won’t be sustainable for either of us if you’re not getting value from it.

It’s all about you and for you when you enter this space. I will call you out with love and respect because sometimes, that’s the only way to bridge the gap between our present and desired outcome.

Working online is at your convenience.

During our sessions, you’ll be in the comfort of your home or any private space you choose. Feel free to bring your favorite snack, pet, pillow, blanket, or even Squishmallow (a modern-day combination of a stuffed animal and cozy pillow – for those who haven’t felt one of these magical inventions yet).

Making therapy a comfortable experience is just one example of how we’ll discuss genuinely caring for your needs. Once you have a strong Wi-Fi connection and a cup of tea or coffee, I will join you on the screen shortly after.

The beginning may feel awkward but don’t hesitate to jump right in. Share the first thing on your mind or something you’ve never told anyone, but that deserves to be said.

Either way, I encourage you to embrace the awkwardness. Awkwardness isn’t bad; it’s usually just a sign of something new and slightly uncomfortable, which is where growth often happens.

Throughout our time together, we will develop a relationship.

There are very few people in my life with whom I spend uninterrupted 50-minute sessions, free from the demands of everyday life. Like any valuable relationship, our work together involves respect, compassion, curiosity, laughter, tears, and a genuine human connection.

Therapy offers the gift of immediacy, and my commitment is to help you achieve your goals – the ones you choose for yourself. Consider me your teammate on this journey.

In our modern world, distractions abound. When constantly wired by emotion and interest, the simple act of going to work, meeting friends, or picking up your kids from school can be overstimulating. It’s a noisy existence where stress reigns.

By taking a seat on my virtual sofa – or your sofa – you’re carving out time specifically for yourself. It’s a chance to open your listening ear and tune in to what your body and intuition have been trying to tell you. Above all the noise, it’s often impossible truly to hear.

What if?

What if you could control your life instead of being ruled by stress? What if you had energy left for your friends, pets, kids, and spouse at the end of the day? What is the cost of not experiencing this kind of life?

Therapy with a modern therapist means understanding the struggle of being pulled in a million different directions. Where do you find the focus to complete even one task? You’re successful, so why can’t you pull yourself together?

Your body can only handle so much. You have a finite capacity for living under constant stress as a human. Perhaps you’ve heard the phrase “stress is a silent killer,” and it holds some truth. Living in a perpetual state of stress takes a toll on your body. As humans, our design limits our ability to exist in a fight-or-flight mode. We’ll discuss this further in our sessions.

There is no reason to take this walk alone toward your fullest potential. We can reach that destination together when you embrace the support of someone dedicated to your personal growth. Imagine how your life could change!

Hello, I’m Madison!

You’ve found a therapist who is passionate about mental health.

While studying social work, I realized that people with access to power and privilege shape our world, which usually includes a neurotypical brain informing their decisonmaking. Neurodivergent individuals didn’t build it. When you live with a neurodevelopmental disorder, you’re essentially navigating a world not designed with you in mind.

We must celebrate and embrace neurodivergence rather than punishing or demoralizing it. Imagine where we would be as a species if we celebrated and embraced the differences of divergent brains.

Working with adults with ADHD, I love witnessing the turning point where they start embracing their unique brains and learning to leverage their strengths. Sometimes, this means producing more art; making a major career shift that offers more sustainability; finding enthralling methods to sort laundry, craft grocery lists, and manage their once-dull household tasks; or engaging in multiple rotating projects.

Gaining understanding can make a world of difference.

Understanding your uniqueness is a beautiful transformation. Uncovering pride in the unique strengths you possess offers a sense of ownership over your neurodivergent brain. It is never an excuse but a responsibility.

Your committed actions will be your most potent accommodation through which you will be able to create significant and lasting changes throughout your life.

I, too, am human, just like you.

I forget things, and I’m constantly working on being more punctual.

When not on Zoom with my wonderful clients or caring for my long-haired cat, Yzma, I spend time with my hilarious red-headed toddler and husband. We’re teaching her how to care for our houseplants, and we enjoy traveling to visit family and friends.

Exploring all the dim-sum spots San Francisco offers is one of our favorite pastimes – though we’re careful to avoid my shrimp allergy, which has led to a few close calls.

Sharing our lives with our daughter has been an incredible joy. “The Addams Family” (or “duh-nuh-nuh-nuh-snap-snap,” as she calls it) and Post Malone made her top favorites list in 2022.